Before I left Australia to go to the USA and then come to Canada (where I will be living until September) I had lots of brunch, lunch and dinner dates to say ‘au revoir’ to my friends. You see when you tell people you are going overseas in a month for a couple of years they tend to want to catch up at least once before you leave!

These farewells were a great time for me to test out all the places I had been meaning to eat at but never got around to.

One of these places was The Organic Pomegranate in Newtown. I am not exactly sure how I came across this place – probably by typing ‘gluten free Newtown’ into Google.

So one Saturday (possibly Sunday) morning my blogger friend ‘The Spotted Pufferfish‘ and I headed on down to The Organic Pomegranate.

As you can probably tell it was awhile ago that I visited so I cannot remember the minor details but I do remember the gluten free options being marked on the menu. I, like my friend, decided on the Merguez Breakfast Tagine which consisted of 2 lamb sausages, olives, capsicum, tomato and a gently cooked egg. It came out in the traditional pot with a spectacular lid which released even more spectacular smells once lifted.

The tagine pot

The tagine was delicious, a perfect choice for the dull, cold winter morning.

Gluten free tagine

Gluten free Merguez tagine

The tagine was served with a side of one of the better gluten free breads I have tasted.

The gluten free bread

Whilst I was there I also couldn’t resist the peanut butter milkshake. Whilst rich and could be consumed as a breakfast in itself rather than a drink on the side, it was also very good.

Peanut butter milkshake

I wish I had found The Organic Pomengranate earlier as I imagine it would have become a regular brunch spot.

As I was walking out I noticed that they also have gluten free muffins at the takeaway section of the cafe – at this point I was so full I couldn’t think about eating anymore though!

Gluten free muffins

Check out more information about the cafe here or just go and visit them at 534 King Street, Newtown.

The Organic Pomegranate