I was slightly concerned when I first decided to move to Banff in Canada for the winter season. The reason? Well it’s a small town and I was uncertain whether there would be many options for me when eating out.

But it turns out I had no need to be worried, as there are plenty of options when eating out including gluten free pizza from Boston Pizza.

My friends actually thought it was quite funny when I first saw the words ‘gluten free’ on the pizza menu, I think I squealed and jumped up and down in my seat. You see I lived off Mexican while in the US due to the lack of quick and cheap gluten free options when eating out (maybe I just didn’t do enough research).

I decided I had to order a gluten free pizza, choosing the BBQ Chicken pizza (I checked to make sure all toppings were gluten free also). I also ordered the starter Spinach Salad (fresh spinach leaves tossed with poppy seed dressing and topped with sliced mushrooms, smoky bacon, diced tomato, chopped egg and crumbled feta cheese).

Both the pizza and salad were delicious and it was far too much for me to finish (yes the photo below is the starter size of the Spinach Salad).

Boston Pizza salad

Starter size spinach salad

The pizza wasn’t a bad price at $9.05 and if you split the pizza and salad between two it’s a pretty cheap meal at $15.04 (+ tax and tips).

Boston Pizza

BBQ Chicken gluten free pizza

I have already been back once since and am sure I will be back a few times over the next 7 months.

Boston Pizza has restaurants all across Canada, check their website for locations