Almost every night of the week in Banff there is a food special on at one of the pubs/restaurants. Now you would assume that $6 cheese burger night at The Eddie wouldn’t be coeliac friendly. However I was assured that The Eddie had gluten free burger buns and sure enough having a quick look at their website not only do they have gluten free buns but the beef patty was also gluten free.

So I headed on down to The Eddie and ordered a gluten free cheese burger. The burgers came out and whilst mine looked smaller than my friends glutenous one I was just happy that they had gluten free buns!

The verdict – the bun wasn’t bad (not the best but definitely not the worst I have had) and overall the burger was yum!

When I got the bill the waitress said ‘…unfortunately I had to charge you extra…’ at this point I thought she was going to say ‘…for the gluten free bun…’ but I was amazed that I wasn’t actually being charged extra for the gluten free bun just for the tomato I had added to my burger (a little pricey at 75 cents for one slice but hey I wasn’t going to complain).

The Eddie's gluten free burger