Phil’s is an American style diner open for breakfast and lunch in Banff. I had been told by a few people that it wasn’t that great but a couple of friends and I decided to test it out for brunch any way.

My first impression was that it probably hasn’t changed much since it opened in the early 1960’s, however it was cosy so I didn’t mind!

I wasn’t holding high hopes that they would have gluten free options as I found it very hard to find gluten free options in the US. I was therefore plesantly suprised to find they had a gluten free menu.

The first time I went to Phil’s I had a gluten free waffle (I hadn’t had a waffle since being diagnosed with celiac disease almost 3 years ago!) with blueberry topping. The waffle was delicious with the maple syrup and blueberry sauce provided on the side (they also provided strawberry sauce but I didn’t like it as much). However I wasn’t a huge fan of the blueberries that came on top of the waffle, the blueberries almost seemed dried and the sauce was sickly sweet.

This is actually my friends glutenous waffle but mine looked similar and had the same topping

I figured the next time I was there I better try something different so I went for the cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. This was very nice – I was slightly concerned it wasn’t gluten free for a moment!

Cinnamon rasin bagel

My gluten free raisin bagel


Phil’s has impressed me so much by their gluten free options that I went back yet again – this time for lunch. Having gluten free bread opens up so many options so it was quite hard to decide what I wanted. In the end I decided on the club sandwich with bacon, turkey, tomato and lettuce.

The sandwich was amazing – the turkey was not the thinly sliced kind you buy from the supermarket but it was thickly sliced and delicious.

Gluten free sandwich

Gluten free club sandwich

Phil’s is located at 109 Spray Ave, Banff.