When I returned to Revelstoke for the second time (we were actually planning to drive straight through however due to a road closure we were stuck there for about four hours) I was planning to go back to Jus Juiced & Bean Caffe. However much to my disappointment (they had really good gluten free wraps) they had closed down since I was there in October 2011. We therefore decided to walk up and down the main street (which is rather short) to find another place for lunch. We stumbled across Village Idiot Bar & Grill which looked like a funky pub with old skis plastered all over the walls, used for the fence outside and for the chair seats and backs.

Then I spotted that they had gluten free pizzas and I was sold! They actually have a section on the back of the menu titled ‘Gluten concens’ which states:

‘At the Village Idiot we make all of our dishes fresh in house, including our pizza dough. We understand that a gluten free diet can be challenging and are pleased to offer many items that do not contain wheat. All of our main course are gluten free, as well as a few of our stir-fry sauces, and salad dressings. Many sandwiches can be served without a bun for a gluten free meal or in a wrap for a reduced gluten diet. We also have a gluten free pizza dough. We do caution that because we produce our own dough there is a presence of airborne flour in our kitchen so minor gluten cross contimation is possible.’

I decided on a gluten free pizza with Italian sausage, banana peppers, green peppers (capsicum) and mushrooms. The standard price for a gluten free pizza is $10.88 and this includes two toppings – each additional topping is $1.00.

Village Idiot pizza

My gluten free pizza

The pizza was a decent size and easily feeds two with a salad on the side which is exactly what I did the second time I went there. A friend and I ordered a gluten free ham and pineapple pizza and the ‘chicks dig it!’ salad and shared both. My non coeliac friend enjoyed the pizza and we both loved the salad which was cummin roasted chick peas tossed with peppers, carrots, green onions, raisins and a lime cilantro dressing, served over shaved red cabbage and spinach.

The only downsides to our visit were that the server was a little too present (she came over a little too often asking us if we wanted another drink) and we were sitting on a table by the side door which got a little chilly everytime people left. However I highly recommend a visit to the Village Idiot even if you just go for a drink.

Village Idiot Bar & Grill is located at 306 Mackenzie Ave, Revelstoke, BC, Canada.

Chairs made of skis

Old skis on the walls