I love rice paper rolls and it’s disappointing how many thai places don’t have them on the menu opting for gluteneous deep fried spring rolls instead. However they are very simple and cheap to make so I often make them at home as a dinner entree or snack.

You can buy the rice paper sheets from most supermarkets and then you just need to decide what you want to fill them with. I usually make vegetarian versions using coriander, carrot and cucumber but go ahead and experiment with chicken, beef and different types of vegetables. You can also add rice noodles.

If your rice paper rolls always seemt to fall apart when you dip them in whatever dipping sauce you choose (my choice prior to going sugar free was sweet chilli – now I would just use a hot chilli sauce) a good trick is to place the dipping sauce inside the rolls.

Rice paper rolls with carrot, coriander, cucumber and sweet chilli sauce


  • Rice paper sheets
  • A flat bowl filled with boiling water
  • Vegetables of your choice
  • Dipping sauce of your choice


  1. Place rice paper sheets one at a time in the flat bowl of boiling water until softened
  2. Place rice paper flat and fill with vegetables (like you would fill a burrito)
  3. Fold up, dip and enjoy