If you regularly read my blog then you are probably aware that I love macarons (not to be confused with macaroons – see here). The great thing about macarons is that they are naturally gluten free as the main ingredients are pure icing sugar (as oposed to icing mixture which sometimes contains gluten), egg whites, sugar and almond meal.

A couple of Christmas’ ago a couple of friends and I decided to have a baking day and make macarons to give to friends and family for Christmas. I had been told that macarons were very difficult to make but we all decided we were up to the challenge. Unfortunately the macarons were a disaster – definately no state to be given as presents. This meant that we had to eat as many of the disastous looking macarons as possible before feeling completely ill. The macarons didn’t actually taste too bad but they didn’t taste like macarons.

I haven’t tried making macarons again since that disasterous day – I thought it was best to leave it to the experts. According to Baroque Patisserie they have the best macarons in Sydney – so I had to go and check them out one evening. My Mum and I bought a box of six of which I can’t remember all the flavours but I know that the yellow ones are salted caramel. I loved all of the flavours and my Mum was also very impressed.

Gluten free macarons

Baroque macarons

Baroque Patisserie run a macaron masterclass which I would love to go to some day to see if I can actually master the macaron.

You can go and try Baroque Patisserie’s macarons for yourself at 88 George Street (corner of Hickson Road) The Rocks, Sydney.

Have you attempted making macarons?