Not so long ago I wrote a post about Pattison’s Patisserie, however since then I have come across a new favourite gluten free cake of theirs, the Chocolate Hazelnut Flourless cake.

The cake (which comes in a full size and also a mini muffin looking version) looks hard and dry on top, however it is very deceiving. Inside the cake is very moist and it tastes delicious! I even prefer this to the Fleur de Lys cake and have requested this for the gluten free option for upcoming birthday’s at work. The cake is a little pricey (the mini version costing about $4.50 takeaway), however it is well worth the splurge every now and then!

It has also inspired me to try and make something similar myself, so look out for an upcoming recipe post!

What is your favourite ‘naughty’ food?

Pattison flourless cake

Pattison's Chocolate Hazelnut Flourless cake