The other day I came across Chocogram, a company that allows you to send personalised chocolate messages. I absolutely loved the concept and so contacted them to find out if their chocolate was gluten free. I was very excited to find out that in fact it was gluten free and just to prove it the company sent me a message of my own…

Just wanted to say...

Custom chocolates

My personalised chocolate message

Even better the chocolate is good quality chocolate (made from the finest Belgian chocolate)!

Chocogram also have a number of other fun chocolate gifts including chocolate stilettos for the girls…

Chocolate shoes

Chocolate stilettos

… and chocolate cars for the guys…

Chocogram cars

Chocolate cars

So the next time you are looking for a gift to send someone how about a message from chocolate?

What would you write in your chocolate gift?

*Adventurous me, gluten free was sent this gift by Chocogram