I was lucky enough to receive a package from Game Farm, the largest multi-species game bird producer in the Southern Hemisphere, specialising in the breeding and processing of game birds, specialty poultry and supply of game meats. One of the products I received to try was a duck. I have to say this was rather intimidating at first since I have never roasted a chicken let alone a duck (I have always left big roasts to the pro, my mum).

I wanted to make duck pancakes as I used to love getting these from Chinese restaurants but since going gluten free I can no longer order them out (they always pre marinate the duck in soy sauce – the pancakes themselves are made with rice flour). The recipe I used is actually from Game Farm’s website.

Whilst it is a lot of effort to make these and my pancakes started off too thick at first, towards the end I got much better at making them. They weren’t anywhere near as good as the ones you can get in the restaurants (to do with my preparation and cooking not the quality of the meat just to clarify) and they are quite filling for a main so we decided to eat the duck by itself in the end. The meat was delicious and I wish I had some more so I could make my mum’s favourite Duck a l’Orange.

You can find out more information about purchasing Game Farm meat on their website and they also have plenty of recipes to try.

I will leave you with an image of what the pancakes made by the professionals look like :)

Duck pancakes (image courtesy of Game Farm)