I often find it hard to find healthy and nutritious gluten free food, especially with muesli and bars. However, I recently came across another company which offers this, Food for Health.

Of their products I first tried their Gluten Free Muesli. This muesli is full of grains and fruits and whilst it is tasty it was not my favourite of their cereals.

Food for Health muesli

The Gluten Free Muesli

Food for Health also have a gluten free bar based on their Gluten Free Muesli. The Gluten Free Bar with Fruit is delicious! Even the non-coeliacs enjoyed this one. This was my favourite of the bars (not including the kids bars).

Food for Health bar

The Gluten Free Bar with Fruit

Once I started eating some of Food for Health’s Fruit Free Clusters I was hooked and I could have eaten the entire packet in one sitting. The cinnamon flavouring is delicious and the clusters also contain chia seeds which are full of omega 3, protein and fibre.

Food for Health clusters

Fruit Free Clusters

Food for Health once again have a gluten free bar based on their Fruit Free Clusters. I actually found their Gluten Free Fruit Free Bar a bit dry and not as tasty as the cereal.

Finally I got to try the Food For Kids Apple Filled Snack Bar and Food for Kids Banana Custard Snack Bar. I was a little apprehensive at first however I was pleasantly surprised. My favourite was the banana custard bar which tasted a little like banana bread.

Banana bar

The Food for Kids Banana Custard Snack Bar

I also enjoyed the apple one. Both bars contain Chia seeds and other nutritious ingredients :)

Gluten free bar

The Food for Kids Apple Snack Bar

I would highly recommend Food for Health’s gluten free products and even better they are available in Coles, Woolworths and IGA among other places.