Easter is only a couple of days away and everywhere you go you can’t seem to escape the sight and smell of chocolate and Hot Cross Buns. The chocolate part is no problem for those who are coealic or gluten intolerant as most chocolate is gluten free (Darrell Lea have even partnered with Sweet William to produce a range that has no chance of contamination unlike the rest of Darrell Lea’s range), however when it comes to Hot Cross Buns it’s a different ball game!

Last year at Easter time I managed to get my hands on some of Choices Bakery‘s chocolate and plain Hot Cross Buns and from memory they were very yummy! However this year I haven’t managed to get to a Choices Bakery yet so I was very excited to hear that Coles is stocking Simply Wize Hot Cross Buns in the freezer section.

Simply Wize

Simply Wize gluten free Hot Cross Buns

The great thing about having them in the freezer section is that they don’t go off before you get to them (I am not sure about you but a number of times I have got home from the supermarket to find my gluten free bread is moldy). The Hot Cross Buns are rather small and more expensive than the glutenous ones (although they are on special at Coles the moment for $5 a packet) but we all deserve a treat at Easter time.

I toasted my Hot Cross Buns in the sandwich press (hence why it looks a little flat!) and spread it with margarine and wow it tasted amazing! Now I know I haven’t had a gluten free Hot Cross Bun since Easter 2009 but I am pretty sure these are very close to the real deal, however I am not sharing any to find out 😛

Hot Cross Buns

Toasted with butter

Lifestyle Bakery are also selling gluten free Hot Cross Buns which are delicious, however these are more of a cake rather than bread texture. I wonder if next year they could try a Hot Cross Bun similar to their gluten free Chia Seed and Raisin Loaf?

Gluten free

Lifestyle Bakery's gluten free Hot Cross Buns

Do you look forward to Hot Cross Buns each year?

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