On the last Friday of every month Mezze Cafe in Chatswood put on Mediterranean Yum Cha. It may seem strange, but it is a great way to experience a number of dishes influenced by countries including Greece, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey.

I received the e-newsletter from Mezze Cafe noting that Yum Cha Friday was fast approaching and I therefore rallied a couple of friends and booked in.

Mezze Cafe Chatswood

It's Yum Cha Friday!

On arrival we were provided with harissa sauce and fresh lebanese bread. Unfortunately they do not have gluten free bread on offer but the harissa came in handy as a dipping sauce for some of the dishes we ordered. We were also given menus which contain a number of dishes that you can order (as well choosing the dishes on the trolleys).

At this point I asked the waiter what options were gluten free (prior to going I had already checked that there would be some) and he marked them on the paper menu for me, the benefits of having one off menu’s!

Mezze cafe menu

Gluten free options marked on the menu

Unfortunately I got caught up in all the excitement and only took a few (bad) photos but hopefully you get the idea!

One of the dishes we ordered was fried onion and silver beat. The onion was nice and crispy and this dish went well with the hommos that we ordered separately.

Mediterranean Yum Cha

A dish of fried onion and silver beet

Also gluten free were the dolmades which were fresh and tasty.

Mezze Cafe Chatswood


Other gluten free dishes which we tucked into included the spicy Moroccan lamb mince with pinenuts and hommos (this was ordered off the menu). The lamb was very tasty however I could have done with more lamb and pinenuts and less hommos especially since we had ordered a separate plate of hommos sprinkled with paprika.

I would have liked to try the lamb tagine (lamb kafta balls in tomato sauce with peas, coriander, yoghurt and egg) which you could order off the menu however by this point we had all stuffed ourselves with food!

If you are looking for something a bit different for lunch in Chatswood I suggest you go and check our Mezze Cafe’s Yum Cha. You can see my separate post on Mezze Cafe’s everyday menu which is also delish!

Do you prefer to order off the menu or do you enjoy yum cha type eating?