On Friday night I went to the Lord Nelson in The Rocks for a birthday dinner. I had already looked at the menu online prior to going and decided I would probably have the salad of baby beets, roast pumpkin, chickpeas, marinated fetta and mixed leaves with chicken (confirming it was gluten free first of course).

I was happy to find that the salad was in fact gluten free and I decided to order it. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I find these kind of salads can often be a little bland.

Chicken salad

Baby beets salad with chicken

I have to say I was very impressed with the salad, it was very tasty and satisfying.

I had also been eying off the mixed berry crème brulee on the menu and decided that I definitely had to try it (once again confirming first it was gluten free). Much to my delight it was gluten free.

Mixed berry creme brulee


My friend had also ordered a crème brulee and when they came out the waiter insisted that I had to have a specific one, the one without the biscuit. I knew that I was in great hands when this happened!

The crème brulee was beautiful and crispy on the top and creamy in the inside and the berries on the bottom gave it a great flavour.

I would definitely recommend a meal at the Lord Nelson, everyone loved their meals and the staff are very knowledgeable on gluten free items.

The Lord Nelson is at 19 Kent St, The Rocks.