I pass by The Technology Park Hotel in Alexandria every day on my way to and from work and ever since it (more recently) had a makeover I have wanted to have a meal there. What made me want to go more was that someone Tweeted that they have a number of gluten free options and the food is great.

Last Friday night I convinced my Mum, even though the pub is on a busy road (Wyndham Street), that we should go and check it out. We grabbed two window seats and started with a glass of wine each.

Technology Park Hotel

Photo courtesy of Jon Graham (http://www.gdaypubs.com.au/NSW/sydney/alexandria.html)

Photo courtesy of Jon Graham (http://www.gdaypubs.com.au/NSW/sydney/alexandria.html)

First impressions were that the place was beautifully done, it wasn’t actually too noisy and that the staff were some of the nicest we had come across. Even better, these impressions were exceeded throughout the night.

There are two food menus at the hotel, the bar menu and the tapas menu. Mum instantly laid eyes on the salt & pepper squid from the tapas menu and even though I suspected I would not be able to have it we decided to get a couple of tapas plates to share (having one dish to ourselves so Mum could have her salt & pepper squid!).

Once we had decided what we would like from the likely gluten free dishes I went up to order with a couple of options in mind. The staff were very knowledgeable regarding the gluten free items and to share we settled on the fetta, beetroot and walnut salad and grilled haloumi with eggplant salsa. For my ‘main’ I chose the chicken chorizo and Mum had her salt & pepper squid.

The food came out quite quickly and it all looked amazing and tasted even better!

The salad was fresh, tasty and the perfect amount for two.

Fetta, beetroot and walnut salad

I absolutely love haloumi and so knew this would be a winner – however I didn’t know what to expect from the eggplant salsa (which actually has a name but I can’t remember it!). The salsa contained eggplant and pine nuts among other ingredients and went well without drowning out the flavour of the halomi (we couldn’t have that!).

Grilled hamoumi on eggplant salsa

To give you a better idea of the eggplant salsa (that black thing is a pine nut in case you were wondering!)

The chicken chorizo was perfectly cooked, flavoursome and the mustard aioli went perfectly with it.

Gluten free chorizo

My very own chicken chorizo with mustard aioli

Great food, great staff, great company – I will definitely be back!